• During a very difficult time in our business, Rodney Employment Law guided us through the legal process of terminating a key employee.  Their approach was thoughtful, practical and timely.  Preventing any significant interruption to our day-to-day business was crucial in this situation.

    General Manager
    General Manager Engineering Firm
  • We engaged Rodney Employment Law to create Professional Services Agreement for all of our contractors.  They were a pleasure to work with, and we appreciated their responsiveness and ability to understand the intricacies of our business.  We will continue to use them as issues arise.

    Wellness Facility Founder
    Wellness Facility Founder Founder
  • I retained Rodney Employment Law after being terminated from an organization I had been with for many years.  This came as a surprise to me, and the lawyers handled my case with complete compassion and expertise.  The team was professional and very thorough, I was kept informed on every progress and was guided to help make the right decisions.  I was very happy with the package the firm negotiated for on my behalf.  Thank you, Rodney Employment Law!

    Sales Manager, Hotel Industry
    Sales Manager, Hotel Industry Hotel Industry
  • I reached out to Jordan Rodney when facing a very sensitive workplace matter involving a number of employees and management.  I was considering shutting down my business as a result of the stress caused by the situation and probably would have if Jordan hadn’t helped me work through it.  The firm took a very active role through a workplace investigation to analyze the situation and provide realistic solutions.  We have continued to reach out to Jordan for his advice and expertise.

    Magazine Publisher
    Magazine Publisher
  • Jordan’s strong drive to deliver programming appropriate to his audience does not go unnoticed! His level of engagement and in-depth knowledge of the topic at hand brings significant value to our registrants.  It is always a pleasure working with him!

    Program Administrator, Professional Development
    Program Administrator, Professional Development A Canadian Association
  • Thank you for all your work.  I am so impressed with your knowledge and professionalism.  I am so happy you are working with me!

    Retail Store Owner
    Retail Store Owner RETAIL INDUSTRY
  • Miriam and Jordan, thank you for your time and effort in bringing this case to a favourable closure.  I will definitely recommend you to those who may need any legal advice or assistance related to employment.

    Senior Project Manager
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless you.  It was such a privilege to have learned of you and that is just the reason why I would love for my daughter to have a career such as yours to help people like me.

    Terminated Employee
    Terminated Employee Childcare Sector
  • The company I worked with for close to 25 years recently underwent a major takeover and aspects of my job were significantly changed.  I was referred to Jordan and Miriam who offered me valuable advice and assisted me behind the scenes in my ongoing negotiations with the new Company.  We managed to obtain a new offer from the company with terms and conditions that I am extremely pleased with. I am thankful to them for all their help in making this possible and look forward to referring my family and friends.

    Long-Service Employee
    Long-Service Employee Insurance Industry
  • I was recently terminated from my position of 17 years.  I was worried the process of negotiating the severance with my company would be painful.  Thankfully with Rodney Employment Law it was very straight forward.  At every step of the process they explained my options and gave straight forward recommendations while handling all the details.  I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

    Senior Manager
    Senior Manager Global Software Company
  • A sincere and grateful thank you to Jordan, Miriam and their entire team at Rodney Employment Law. Without their help, I would not have been able to achieve any settlement with my former employer in what had become a very toxic and unhealthy work environment and relationship. At every step, Jordan and Miriam ensured I was aware of my options and potential outcomes. They guided me into a fair settlement while treating me with value and respect at every turn. Thank you.

    Constructively Dismissed Employee
    Constructively Dismissed Employee Film Industry
  • A sudden termination following almost 3 decades of service is a stressful, life-changing event. Rodney Employment Law facilitated the negotiation of an exceptional severance package and equally important, helped me maintain a positive ‘exit’ relationship and continued rapport with my employer. Their attention to detail and expeditious delivery of a credible, strategically effective communication was well received by the executives at the association and culminated in my acceptance of an enhanced severance arrangement. The true test of an employment law firm is its ability to recognize the issue, understand the personalities, focus on credible strategies and deliver a positive outcome. Rodney Employment Law delivered. I highly recommend them.

    Association Executive
    Association Executive
  • I would like to recommend Rodney Employment Law as I had such a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful experience especially with Arjun and Shaesta.  They always answered my inquiries in a timely manner and provided me with excellent advice. 

  • Arjun Dhir was recommended to me by a colleague.  Very knowledgeable and friendly service. Arjun provided me with great advice in a very reasonable time frame.  Shaesta was great in making the arrangements for us to get together on short notice over the holidays. Thanks again for accommodating me and for the great experience.  I will definitely recommend your services to others!

  • Rodney Law has helped me negotiate termination and employment agreements. In both situations, Miriam was supportive, thorough, and provided valuable guidance to secure the best possible outcomes. Jordan, Miriam and their team were available for last-minute issues and helped me through the entire process. I am very grateful for their hard work on my file and would recommend them to anyone who has employment law matters to resolve.