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How can we help?

Employment Law from the inside out.

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We represent employers and employees on a variety of workplace issues.

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Our clients come from a
diverse range of industries.

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Workplace Investigations -

We conduct workplace investigations
and provide our clients with
comprehensive and thorough reports.

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Workplace Training -

We offer customized training programs
on a wide range of workplace issues.

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 The Services We Provide


We offer employers practical legal advice on a wide range of employment law matters, including Employment Standards, Employment Contracts, Termination of Employment, Severance Packages, Department or Company Closures, Compliance issues.

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We help employees navigate complex legal matters by providing them with expert legal advice on all issues related to the workplace. Our employee clients are diverse and so are their legal issues. We tailor our approach to meet our clients’ needs.

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Workplace Investigations & Training

We conduct workplace investigations on behalf of employers, and help our clients avoid potential legal implications and risk when dealing with complaints. We also develop customized training programs on a wide range of workplace issues for our clients.

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HR Solutions

Failing to implement the right Human Resources policies and practices today can lead to legal troubles tomorrow. Our sister company, MaxPeople partners with clients to provide a broad range of human resources solutions that are aligned with your organizational vision and strategy.

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