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The team at Rodney Employment Law offers a broad depth of experience in employment and labour matters while also contributing a unique HR background and perspective. The team is passionate about helping people and works to provide customized and innovative solutions to both employer and employee clients. At Rodney Employment Law we live our values in everything we do by delivering our services with integrity and building trust with our clients.

What Makes Us Unique

The lawyers at Rodney Employment Law have spent many years in corporate environments and provide legal solutions from a business perspective while recognizing there is a clear people-side to what we do.  Our close relationship with MaxPeople gives us greater capability and resources to serve our clients in a more holistic manner.

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Google Reviews

Neal Kingstone
Neal Kingstone
I can’t say enough about Jordan Rodney and his team. I am a small business owner and really appreciated their professional and prompt action in assisting me with some recent employee issues. Would recommend their services whole heartedly.
Don French
Don French
I have used Rodney Employment Law a couple of times in my career to review an employment contract for me personally, and I have found them to be very helpful & professional in offering very good employment law advice.
Nelson Maciel
Nelson Maciel
Rodney employment law firm was very helpful in my case. Humera and Her legal assistant Pamela were very supportive through the process with prompt and informative responses to any questions. Job well done and I am very happy with the outcome.
Suzanne Hunter
Suzanne Hunter
Losing my job was a devastating experience. After almost 20 years with the company, my colleagues were like family and my work was a big part of my life. My termination was all the more upsetting as I felt that the settlement I was offered did not reflect my commitment to the company or my years of service. Former colleagues who had tried to negotiate their deals warned me not to get my hopes up; the company generally came in with their best offer and I shouldn’t expect much more. But I was intent on getting a fair settlement and so, on the advice of my family’s accountant, I contacted Rodney Employment Law to discuss what options were available. From the moment I first spoke with paralegal Shaesta, I felt reassured that I had a solid case and that the Rodney team was the right choice. Lawyer Miriam Anbar negotiated my settlement, helping me to understand my full rights under the law and what I was legitimately entitled to as compensation. What Miriam outlined was far beyond my expectations! The settlement did not come easily. As my colleagues warned, my former company’s legal counsel dug in and refused to come to a reasonable offer after a great deal of back and forth. But Miriam was a passionate and persistent advocate for me, taking great pains to ensure the company understood their obligations to me and that we would not accept anything less than what I deserved. Miriam’s unparalleled negotiation skills and knowledge of case law led us to victory! From what started as a hopeless case with no chance for negotiation ended up in a very generous settlement, meeting the most important of our demands. I could not have been happier. Miriam was a constant voice of reassurance, confidence, and care throughout my case. Normally, this situation would have caused me great anxiety, but Miriam’s support and wisdom made me confident and calm every step of the way. I want to thank Miriam for ensuring this incredible outcome. I am so grateful for your talent and commitment! I also want to thank Shaesta, Pamela, and Jordan who all played important roles in getting to a resolution. I would highly recommend Rodney Employment Law to anyone seeking a fair settlement from an employer at a reasonable cost. This is an incredible team of talented and supportive individuals who really care about their clients, keeping you informed and engaged in the process every step of the way. Thanks to Rodney Employment Law, I am well-equipped to move confidently into the next chapter of my life.
Rodney Employment Law has the best staff - Mirriam, Josh, Humera, Shaesta and Pamela - interacted with everyone - they are honestly a legal powerhouse!!! I worked with REL team when I was terminated abruptly from my employment in May 2020. REL took my case very seriously and in the end I felt that they fought for me ... as if I was part of their family - I was represented so well by Mirriam, Josh and Humera!! Mirriam - She is professional, answered my questions fully, and was always patient when I didn't fully understand a position. She was thorough in her reviews of documents, and provided me with honest and thoughtful feedback during our discussions. She handled my matter very well and took instructions from me as well - making me feel that my opinion and views mattered. Josh - Very thorough, detailed oriented, patient, years of experiences under his belt where he has dealt with employee matters. His professionalism and resilience got me a settlement offer that exceeded my expectations!!! During the mediation process he fought tooth and nail to ensure an excellent resolution is achieved for me without affecting my relationship with my former employer. His invaluable guidance, knowledge and information will stay with me for a lifetime. I was so nervous and emotionally charged during the mediation process - yet he was able to talk through with me on focusing on the end goal and the $$$ settlement value. I learnt so much from him. I have interacted with lawyers before - Josh for me is the best lawyer I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work with!!!! Humera, Pam and Shaesta - They are a pleasure to work with. They have been instrumental in keeping the whole legal process seamless and co-ordinated. These ladies are integral to ensuring no deadlines or fine-print on the legal documents is ever missed or falls through the cracks!!! REL - You are the best and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone!!! If I would ever need an employment law firm that is a powerhouse and to be reckoned with in the industry I know where to find you guys!!! Thank you again for getting me such a great settlement offer ... I can now move on to the next chapter in my life. All the very best!!
W. vd Gugten
W. vd Gugten
The Rodney Employment Law team was professional, knowledgeable, very quick to assist, and kind in recently helping our business. We are very grateful for their expertise and guidance, and will definitely consult them with any employment matters in the future. Highly recommend this team.
Caitlin Forrest
Caitlin Forrest
It was a pleasure working with Pamela. She was professional, always available to talk, and she helped me get through this difficult process. Highly recommend.
Vadim Beregovsky
Vadim Beregovsky
Unbeatable quality and professional service - no doubts thats the company you want to have the business with! Got an amazing journey using Rodney Employment company with the results.
Eden Spodek
Eden Spodek
Jordan and his team helped me through a potentially difficult situation and made it as stress-free as possible. Everyone was incredibly responsive and professional. Jordan made sure I understood the options and potential outcomes. They delivered exactly what was promised and more to help ensure the situation was handled as painlessly and efficiently as possible. I knew of Rodney Employment Law before I became a client and had referred others. I will still recommend the firm to anyone looking for one specializing in employment law and HR.

What Our Clients Say About Us

During a very difficult time in our business, Rodney Employment Law guided us through the legal process of terminating a key employee. Their approach was thoughtful, practical and timely. Preventing any significant interruption to our day-to-day business was crucial in this situation.

I reached out to Jordan Rodney when facing a very sensitive workplace matter involving a number of employees and management. I was considering shutting down my business as a result of the stress caused by the situation and probably would have if Jordan hadn’t helped me work through it. The firm took a very active role through a workplace investigation to analyze the situation and provide realistic solutions. We have continued to reach out to Jordan for his advice and expertise.

Miriam and Jordan, thank you for your time and effort in bringing this case to a favourable closure. I will definitely recommend you to those who may need any legal advice or assistance related to employment.

A sincere and grateful thank you to Jordan, Miriam and their entire team at Rodney Employment Law. Without their help, I would not have been able to achieve any settlement with my former employer in what had become a very toxic and unhealthy work environment and relationship. At every step, Jordan and Miriam ensured I was aware of my options and potential outcomes. They guided me into a fair settlement while treating me with value and respect at every turn. Thank you.

We engaged Rodney Employment Law to create Professional Services Agreement for all of our contractors. They were a pleasure to work with, and we appreciated their responsiveness and ability to understand the intricacies of our business. We will continue to use them as issues arise.

Jordan’s strong drive to deliver programming appropriate to his audience does not go unnoticed! His level of engagement and in-depth knowledge of the topic at hand brings significant value to our registrants. It is always a pleasure working with him!

The company I worked with for close to 25 years recently underwent a major takeover and aspects of my job were significantly changed. I was referred to Jordan and Miriam who offered me valuable advice and assisted me behind the scenes in my ongoing negotiations with the new Company. We managed to obtain a new offer from the company with terms and conditions that I am extremely pleased with. I am thankful to them for all their help in making this possible and look forward to referring my family and friends.

I was recently terminated from my position of 17 years. I was worried the process of negotiating the severance with my company would be painful. Thankfully with Rodney Employment Law it was very straight forward. At every step of the process they explained my options and gave straight forward recommendations while handling all the details. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

I retained Rodney Employment Law after being terminated from an organization I had been with for many years. This came as a surprise to me, and the lawyers handled my case with complete compassion and expertise. The team was professional and very thorough, I was kept informed on every progress and was guided to help make the right decisions. I was very happy with the package the firm negotiated for on my behalf. Thank you, Rodney Employment Law!

Thank you for all your work. I am so impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. I am so happy you are working with me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless you. It was such a privilege to have learned of you and that is just the reason why I would love for my daughter to have a career such as yours to help people like me.

A sudden termination following almost 3 decades of service is a stressful, life-changing event. Rodney Employment Law facilitated the negotiation of an exceptional severance package and equally important, helped me maintain a positive ‘exit’ relationship and continued rapport with my employer. Their attention to detail and expeditious delivery of a credible, strategically effective communication was well received by the executives at the association and culminated in my acceptance of an enhanced severance arrangement. The true test of an employment law firm is its ability to recognize the issue, understand the personalities, focus on credible strategies and deliver a positive outcome. Rodney Employment Law delivered. I highly recommend them.

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