Downloadable Resources

Employee Termination Checklist

Download this checklist for key considerations to review prior to terminating an employee that can help avoid common legal pitfalls employers face when handling employee terminations. 

Bill 27 Guide

Download this guide to help  ensure you have all the necessary workplace policies and procedures in place to be compliant with Bill 27.

Return to the Workplace Guide

Our team of Employment Law & HR experts have put together a comprehensive guide to help you plan for a successful return to the workplace.

Top 10 Considerations for Terminations During COVID-19

The pandemic has created incredible economic difficulty for many businesses, with some employers looking to reduce their workforce to stay afloat. However, before making any decisions, download our guide for key considerations for terminations during COVID-19.

Performance Improvement Plan

A performance improvement plan is a useful tool designed to help improve an employee’s performance by outlining specific performance issues and planning attainable goals for improvement

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