Jail sentence, hefty fine for employer highlight importance of compliance

Restaurant owner didn’t pay money owed to more than 60 employees By John Dujay for Canadian HR Reporter A recent case in Ontario involving unpaid wages — and a severe penalty — should have employers taking note, according to experts. The guilty party was Yuk Yee (Ellen) Pun, Toronto owner of the now-defunct Regal restaurant […]

Social media still grey zone for HR departments: Caution is advised

By: Miriam Anbar for The Lawyer’s Daily | Spider-Man first appeared in 1962 in Marvel’s Amazing Fantasy No.15. While much has changed since the 1960s, one line from the comic still holds true today — “With great power, comes great responsibility”… Read more →

The importance of plain language in the legal profession

By: Miriam Anbar for The Lawyer’s Daily | Drafting is typically a key aspect of a lawyer’s job. For employment lawyers, in particular, a poorly drafted employment agreement can come at a major cost for your client. At the same time, a well-drafted employment agreement and termination provision can save your client tremendous costs… Read more →