Do’s and Don’ts for Virtual Office Party

Do's and Don'ts for your Virtual Office PartyFor most Ontario employees, December really is ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’ While some businesses can have a frantic few weeks trying to close out their affairs for the year end, most workplaces are generally full of sweets and homemade goodies, cards and gift baskets from customers and clients, and usually a dose of holiday cheer. Best of all for workers – the holidays themselves usually mean at least a few consecutive days off (or some significant statutory holiday and overtime pay).

Standard among these workplace holiday traditions is the office party. Office holiday parties are an age-old tradition, and can take a variety of different forms depending on the size and nature of the workplace. Smaller workplaces usually gather for a simple festive meal, or a fun team bonding exercise of some sort. Larger workplaces have been known to rent out restaurants, banquet halls, or even ballrooms for an evening of celebrations. Some workplaces invite partners, some do not, but the general idea is to give employees an opportunity to ‘let their hair down.’

Yet of course this is 2020, and nothing is operating as normal this year, including the office party. With the pandemic making large gatherings impossible in most areas (and generally inadvisable in others), the office holiday party has now become the latest workplace tradition to move online. With that in mind, we wanted to offer a few tips on making your experience safe and fun for the whole team:



From all of us at Rodney Employment Law, we wish you and your team a happy, healthy, and most importantly safe holiday season.

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