Ontario Hockey League: Pay to play

By: Jordan Rodney & Miriam Anbar for The Lawyer’s Daily For most Canadians, hockey is in our blood. Employment laws and regulations? Not so much. Having said that, employment applies to almost all of us, from the CEO down to the student packing groceries part-time at your local store. So why are some employees’ rights […]

Communicating Through Text Messages with Employees: A Cautionary Tale

Written by: Arjun Dhir Email, text message, iMessage, WhatsApp – these are some of the many means of communication in today’s digital age which continue to expand. In the employment sphere, technology has rapidly changed the way in which an organization communicates with its employees. Gone are the days of carefully drafting an email or […]

The Document that Could Save You: The Importance of an Employment Agreement

In the not so distant past, it was common practice that an employment relationship begin with a simple “spit handshake” – a symbolic gesture showing both parties have nothing in their hands (or up their sleeves), and that a person’s word was their word. Fast forward to the present day of employment and labour laws, […]

Everything but those Two Little Words: The Truth Behind Constructive Dismissal

On his hit television show The Apprentice, business mogul Donald Trump turned the words “you’re fired” into a novelty catch phrase.  In reality though, these are likely the two most difficult words any employee could hear.  Work is one of the most important relationships in people’s lives, and the end of that relationship can be […]

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