Cannabis in Ontario: An Update

With cannabis legally available for purchase from approved Ontario retailers as of today (April 1, 2019) it will now be even more accessible for those looking to purchase it for recreational use. While many municipalities decided to prohibit retail locations within their jurisdiction, most voted to allow them. You can see the full list here […]

Should Your Holiday Parties Be Lit?

By Alice Chen for Mary Jane may be attending your next holiday event Alcohol has long been a mainstay at the office social event, whether it is an in-house party or a dinner out. But the federal government’s decision to legalize cannabis — which came into effect this past October — added a new […]

An Employment Law Perspective on the 2018 Provincial Election

Tomorrow is Election Day in Ontario and given the great ideological disparity between the two frontrunners, Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives and Andrea Horwath’s New Democratic Party, we here at Rodney Employment Law are eagerly awaiting the results, to gain a better understanding of the direction the new party will be taking the province. While all […]

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