Dazed and Confused

By: Arjun Dhir| Dialogue Magazine On October 17, 2018, the Cannabis Act officially came into effect, permitting Canadians to legally purchase, possess and consume recreational cannabis. Amidst the excitement, a report published by the Conference Board of Canada indicated that more than half of Canadian employers expressed concerns about the potential effects that this significant legislative […]

Payroll Professionals and the Duty to Accommodate

By: Jordan Rodney for Dialogue Magazine | It is no secret that the role of a payroll professional within an organization is constantly evolving. Anyone familiar with this role will be able to acknowledge the myriad of hats that payroll professionals wear on a regular basis. Not only are they tasked with managing the organization’s […]

Work Hard, Pray Hard: The Delicate Balance of Religious Accommodation

Late last month, a female Canadian Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) screener revealed that five male passengers travelling through Toronto’s Pearson airport were given permission to be screened by only male guards. The reason? The five men are Hindu priests known as Sadhus, whose religious adherence does not permit any contact with women.  The female officer […]

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