This January, the Polar Vortex whirled in some serious arctic temperatures for those of us in Ontario! For many, the weather was symbolic of how they were feeling… left out in the cold.

For companies, January is often ‘Clean-Up Month’.  And they aren’t just cleaning up x-mas decorations and party cups left behind from the company holiday party.  Many employers wait for January to deal with some of the workplace challenges that arose pre-New Years.

Post-holiday terminations have kept us quite busy this January at Rodney Employment Law.  For some employees, the New Year termination came as a complete surprise and left them feeling lost for next steps.  For many employers, the New Year terminations came as a result of restructuring certain departments and gave businesses an opportunity to start fresh.

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, post-holiday transitions are a reality.  Our lawyers have made it a priority this month to assist our clients with this tricky time of year to ensure that workplace challenges and changes are carried out properly.  We provided our employer clients with practical solutions to effect these transitions with as little interruption to the workplace as possible.  We guided and educated our employee clients about the termination process and negotiated severance packages for them that they feel good about.

The good news is there is more to January than freezing cold temperatures and employment-breakups… January also brings new beginnings, Toronto’s Winterlicious, NHL hockey, and brand new television shows to curl up to!

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