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We help employees navigate complex legal matters by providing them with expert legal advice on all issues related to the workplace.  Our employee clients are diverse and so are their legal issues.  We tailor our approach to meet our clients’ needs.  We explain our service every step of the way and guide our clients through workplace issues that are often tricky to understand.   We offer advice to our employee clients on a wide range of workplace matters including Employment Agreements, Termination of Employment, Severance Packages, Workplace Discrimination and Harassment, Pregnancy and Parental Leave.

As lawyers and HR specialists, we are able to deliver legal solutions from a business perspective while recognizing there is a clear people-side to what we do.

Employee Consultation Process

Step 1:  Initial Assessment – No Charge, No Obligation

This is your first opportunity to speak to an individual from our team and share the details surrounding your employment matter.

At Rodney Employment Law, we understand that each client situation is unique and we firmly believe that there is no cookie cutter solution for our clients. We consistently advise both employer and employee clients on a wide array of employment law matters. This gives our team the unique ability to view employment law matters from the inside out. Given this insight, our team is able to formulate and implement a practical approach, which ultimately leads to timely resolutions as opposed to long, drawn-out legal battles.

During this assessment, our team will ask you the right questions and gather background information in order to gain a full appreciation of the unique circumstances surrounding your employment matter.

At the end of the Initial Assessment, we will outline our hourly rates, potentially request you to send us any relevant employment documents and issue an Engagement Agreement for your review and signature should you wish to move forward.

Step 2:  In-Depth Consultation

Following your Initial Assessment, our lawyers will review the facts and relevant documents pertaining to your matter to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Upon receipt of your signed engagement agreement, we will schedule you in for an In-Depth Consultation with one of our lawyers. We are pleased to offer Consultations either over the telephone or in person (based on your preference as well as the complexity of the matter).

The flat rate fee for the In-Depth Consultation is $600 plus HST. The rate is the same regardless of which lawyer you meet with and is not time-based. No matter how many hours this process takes, how many documents we review or how many questions you ask – this rate remains the same.

The In-Depth Consultation involves the following:

  • A full document review;
  • A full walkthrough of your matter; and
  • A thorough breakdown of our strategy and recommendations for your options going forward.

You will be billed for your Consultation the day you have it.

Step 3:  We Find a Solution That Works For You!

After your In-Depth Consultation, our team works diligently towards resolving your matter in a timely, practical and cost-efficient manner. Throughout this process, our team keeps you involved in every step of your case, to keep you up-to-date and to discuss our ongoing strategy and next steps.  It is at this point that you will be billed at our hourly rates and invoiced approximately monthly.

On rare occasions, we are able to offer a contingency fee option; however, we will not be able to ascertain this until a full In-Depth Consultation has taken place.

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