When Online Trolls Cost You Your Job: Did Nintendo Fail to Protect its Employee?

There has been a lot of buzz recently about Nintendo’s decision to terminate its employee Alison Rapp.  Rapp was a product manager for Nintendo who held spokesperson status and regularly represented the company on social media. Recently, Rapp was targeted by online trolls and harassed with respect to Nintendo’s decision to tone down its sexualization […]

What You Do Outside of Work Could Cost You Your Job!

In our current digital age there is an increasing blur between personal and work life. As a result of the internet and social media, an employee’s off-duty behaviour is increasingly visible to their employer and the general public. Content can be shared with the world in a matter of seconds on social media and there […]

Everything but those Two Little Words: The Truth Behind Constructive Dismissal

On his hit television show The Apprentice, business mogul Donald Trump turned the words “you’re fired” into a novelty catch phrase.  In reality though, these are likely the two most difficult words any employee could hear.  Work is one of the most important relationships in people’s lives, and the end of that relationship can be […]

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