As the 2014 Winter Olympics came to a close, it was a great opportunity to reflect on how the Canadian Olympic experience can relate to the workplace.

Olympians use training plans and visualization techniques, in an effort to control the great pressure and picture exactly how they want to carry out a race.  They train for years for their one big moment.  The repetition and preparation enables Olympians to overcome any obstacles they may face, and more importantly, to anticipate the unexpected.  When faced with adversity, the well-trained Olympian does not panic, as they have practiced their routine thousands of times before.

As employment lawyers and HR experts, our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients, both employers and employees, are as well-trained as Olympians.

Training for employers means following a specific path in the workplace.  For employers, it is important to be prepared to respond to any workplace incident and have an action plan in place to ensure the best response possible.

Training for employees means not panicking and keeping perspective.  For employees, it is important to be well-equipped when an issue arises with an employer and have the best tools available to handle different workplace situations.

Just like the speed skater who has a slow start… or the luger who bumps into the wall… or the mogul skier who doesn’t have proper edging and falls a bit off course… By working with us, we will bring you back on course.

At Rodney Employment Law, our standard is Gold and so is the training we provide.  We know training is essential, and we apply our expertise to your workplace.  By providing you with the best tools possible, we help you to excel in your race and gain back control.

Contact Us to learn more about our services and to find out how we can help you be a pro at work.

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