Mandatory COVID-19 Testing for Employees Upheld

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing for Employees Upheld

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing for Employees Upheld A recently released arbitral decision, Caressant Care Nursing & Retirement Homes v Christian Labour Association of Canada, 2020 CanLII 100531 (ON LA), addressed the issue of mandatory COVID-19 testing in the workplace. As many workplaces struggle to maintain safe work environments while respecting employee privacy, this decision provides insight […]

Keeping the Faith, Avoiding ‘Time Theft’ With Good Policies…And A Little Trust

Avoiding 'Time Theft' With Good Policies

  Keeping the Faith, Avoiding ‘Time Theft’ With Good Policies…And A Little Trust This year has taken working from home from being a once-occasional luxury to a practical necessity. Once something only seen on the Jetsons, advances in technology had begun to make working from home a viable solution for some businesses throughout the past […]

Red, White, and Even Blue…Just Not in The Office

We’ve just come through a major US election, one which polarized not just that country but held much of the world in its grasp. Rarely have two parties shown such a deep divide in their ideas and beliefs, which has led in turn to a divisive political climate. Even in Canada, it is difficult to […]

Moving Forward After #METOO: Building A Safe & Respectful Workplace

By: Jordan Rodney & Nicole Mast Kusch in Dialogue Magazine   Building a Safe and Respectful Workplace  At its peak, the #MeToo movement was all over the internet, TV and radio. It seemed that everywhere you turned, new and serious allegations surrounding your favourite stars and business leaders were coming to the forefront. Although the movement […]

Cannabis in Ontario: An Update

With cannabis legally available for purchase from approved Ontario retailers as of today (April 1, 2019) it will now be even more accessible for those looking to purchase it for recreational use. While many municipalities decided to prohibit retail locations within their jurisdiction, most voted to allow them. You can see the full list here […]

Domestic or sexual harassment leaves: A natural evolution

By: Miriam Anbar| Lawyer’s Daily As the #MeToo movement went viral at the end of 2017, workplaces across the country took note. Times were changing, and employers needed to embark on a new era of workplace policies and conduct — whether or not they were ready for it. The year 2018 introduced a number of […]

Dazed and Confused

By: Arjun Dhir| Dialogue Magazine On October 17, 2018, the Cannabis Act officially came into effect, permitting Canadians to legally purchase, possess and consume recreational cannabis. Amidst the excitement, a report published by the Conference Board of Canada indicated that more than half of Canadian employers expressed concerns about the potential effects that this significant legislative […]

Managing ‘peternity’ leave in your workplace

By: Miriam Anbar for The Lawyer’s Daily  It has become commonplace for leading edge companies, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter to go above and beyond by offering their employees innovative benefits including, among other things, gym memberships, catered meals and unlimited vacation. These benefits or perks, are both a significant hiring and retention tool […]

International Day of Mourning a reminder to keep employees healthy and safe

By: Miriam Anbar for The Lawyers Daily | Years ago, employees used to take on safety-sensitive jobs such as mining or railroad work knowing that there was a risk to their health or safety and assuming the risks inherent with that occupation. In recent years there has been a shift in both mentality and legislation […]

Workplace Investigations in the Wake of #MeToo

By: Miriam Anbar for TLOMA Today | Nearly one and a half years after Bill 132 became legislation in Ontario, it is startling to learn how many companies still do not have policies and protocols in place as mandated by the Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act (Supporting Survivors and Challenging Sexual Violence and Harassment), […]

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